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Rules & Regs - Read Second!!!
« on: May 22, 2003, 06:00:48 AM »
Anyone who refuses to abide by these rules will find their post deleted without explanation. Please read carefully.

    [1]Individuals may post items for sale that would be of interest to the martial arts community. Items might include, uniforms, protective equipment, training equipment, patches, collectable martial arts items, videos, etc.
    [2]Every post must include the following:
    • a complete description of the item being sold
    • a price
    • payment options (PayPal is recommended)
    • contact information
    • if it is an eBay item, the start and close date and time and the link to the eBay item
    [3]Individuals may post a link to an item they are selling on eBay
    [4]Individuals MUST remove (delete) the post once the item has been sold.
[5]Items and goods can only be listed and sold by Cafe members

Commercial enterprises MAY NOT post without the express written approval of the owner of this forum.

This policy applies to advertising in any section of this forum.
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