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« on: August 03, 2004, 12:58:10 PM »
I'm proud to announce that after contacting Grand Master Jon Loren (Creator and Head of KAJUKENBO's "TUMPAI" branch", that the Cafe will have an official Moderator for his branch.
GM Loren's choice to personally represent him and Tumpai is:  Sifu Huw Greathead.
If any of you were in Las Vegas, Sifu Greathead was the one that accepted GM Loren's promotion on Saturday night.
I have known GM Loren for over 30 years and am proud and excited to have him personally involved in this great website.
Sifu Greathead's contact information will be posted soon and I'm sure he will review and discuss the Tumpai postings with GM Loren and we will all have a gateway to the true history, and knowledge of Tumpai.
GM Gary Forbach
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