Author Topic: Anyone remember a Henry Sotelo?  (Read 3692 times)

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Anyone remember a Henry Sotelo?
« on: August 28, 2004, 11:53:17 AM »
Respect to all the KAJUKENBO family. My name is Jim Linkins. I am trying to track down the lineage of one of my instructors from years ago. In the mid-1980's I was an advanced belt in the Okinawa Korea Karate Association on the East Coast near DC. My first instructor Nidan Randy Wozin met with a man named Henry Sotelo, a fifth Dan in what he called KAJUKENBO. What Henry showed us was incredible. We trained with him for about 2 years. He showed us the basics of some animal movements such as Cobra, Boa Constrictor, Eagle, Crane, Tiger, Leopard, Ram and Dragon. We loved it. Though I realize he must not have shared all his insights, he showed us what he said was a Black Belt level form he called Lighting Fingers. To this day I remember it. Other instructors I know here near DC say the first set of sequence looks like what he called the Finger Set. I love it. After a break in training and losing contact with Henry I saw him in 1987. He had attained his sixth Dan. After expressing my disappointment at failing my first Black Belt test, he gave me his Black Belt off his own waist as a gift, along with an autographed copy of a local newspaper article with his photo. I still to this day hold in high regard all that he taught me. I also realize that I was to be a bastard Black Belt without certification. I am not trying to claim any rank in the KAJUKENBO systems, I just want to pay my repects and find if all I believe is truth. His Black Belt sets in a place of honor in my home along side other Ranks I have earned in other systems as well. Is Henry Sotelo any relation to Master Ted Sotelo? Is Henry a member of the KAJUKENBO family tree? Henry told us he began training at age 8 in Hawaii with his Grand Father. He later spent his teen years in L.A. California. He also said his KAJUKENBO was like a cousin system to ED PARKERS Kenpo which he claims to also have trained in.[I mean no disrespect, its simply what he told us}
I do not claim to teach KAJUKENBO, but I do have what I was told is KAJUKENBO in my heart. If you can put some light on the subject I would be gratefull. Henry passed away in California I believe around 1988 or so. What I've been told is a little hard to confirm. I have respect for what Henry taught us and for the KAJUKENBO family.
I understand if you may consider me a long lost bastard son of the system or even worse. I must know if my faith is well founded. GrandMaster Ted Sotelo, If Henry is any relation I would be glad to discuss with you the things he showed us. I am not seeking rank or recognition, I only wish to touch on the truth of Henry's background. If possilbe, please contact me by e-mail with any info you can. With my respects and well wishes James Linkins , student of Henry [Shotgun] Sotelo
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Re:Grandmaster Ted Sotelo
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I printed this post and showed it to Ted today. He asked me to post this for him:

I am no relation to Henry Sotelo. I have never heard of him.

- GM Ted Sotelo
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Anyone remember a Henry Sotelo?
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Well this guy is still looking for information on a "Henry Sotelo".  He emailed me this picture today, to see if anyone at the Cafe recognizes him. 

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