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Sr. Grandmaster George "Paulie" Seronio

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John Bishop:

George Paul Seronio (paulie), was born on the big island of Hawaii in 1930 in a town called Hilo. He started out with boxing and did that for several years until he retired.
He happened to be visiting with and old classmate at his house when his classmate brought up the subject of Karate. His classmate began to talk more in depth about the art's and also demonstrated a few technique's.
His old classmate was named Joseph Emperado and he introduced Paulie Seronio into the style of Kajukenbo.
In 1953/1954 Paulie began training at the Palama settlement and there he found a style of martial art's that he would embrace and stick with for year's to follow.
The main instructor of the class was Sijo Emperado or as he referred to as Nonoy. Joseph Emperado and Woodrow McCandless were the two instructor's.
Marino Tiwanak was also a Black Belt who would often teach the class under the close supervision of Joseph Emperado. 
After some years of intense and grueling training, Paulie Seronio received his Black Belt from Sijo, Joseph Emperado and Woodrow McCandless.
Paulie Seronio began running two school's, one in Kaimuki and one in Wahiawa.
Often he would also start classes in Palama until Sijo, Joseph Emperado, or Woodrow McCandless would show up.
In Wahiawa he trained Ahgung Tony Ramos and
in Kaimuki he trained Grandmaster Charles Gaylord. When Joe Emperado was alive, Paulie was the only Black Belt allowed to teach Kajukenbo on the island of Oahu outside of Palama.
After several year's of teaching he decided that it was time for him to retire from teaching and move on to other things.  He still trained on his own and always found a way to get in a daily workout whether it was going back to his boxing day's of getting in roadwork or shadow boxing, or teaching close friend's Kajukenbo.
Paulie Seronio currently lives in Ewa beach on the island of Oahu and is doing very well.

Al Saddler:
Pauly Seronio turned 87 years old on 1/25/17. My question to the forum is, who is the oldest living Kajukenbo Black Belt that came from Palama or "first generation". Myself and Sigung Bobby Seronio are his Grandsons and very blessed to still have him with us.


Off hand I can only think of two......Tony Lasit and Henry Mandac

Al Saddler:
Some awesome history items from mine and Seronio's Kajukenbo Grandfathers album.

A notebook created by Sijo and personally given to him.

Some of the original patches from Palama Settlement and ID card.

Dave Jones:
Very cool.  Thanks for sharing.


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