Author Topic: Knife Attack Counter Self Defense Technique  (Read 3296 times)

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Knife Attack Counter Self Defense Technique
« on: November 16, 2004, 02:21:07 PM »
Knife Attack Counter Self Defense Technique # 1


Attacker steps forward with the left foot, and executes a right straight front thrust with the knife targeting the Defender's stomach.  The Attacker is coming from the 12:00 direction.


01. The Defender step swings back with the right foot toward the 8:00 direction so that the Defender's body is facing toward the 3:30 direction, getting just barely out of the way of the thrust. The Defender grabs the Attacker's right lower forearm with the Defender's left hand and pulls the Attacker off balance toward the 8:30 direction. The Defender's right hand and arm is held behind the Defender's back slightly so that the arm is not only out of the line of fire but also not seen. The Defender grabs the lower forearm in such a manner as to squeeze and dig into the center of the back of the Attacker's right forearm with the Defender's left thumb between the Attacker's bones.  This location is around (TE # 5) on the Acupuncture Medical Chart.  The Defender's middle and ring fingers of the Defender's left hand is squeezing and digging into an area just on the other side of the Defender's left thumb on the inner side of the Attacker's lower right forearm.  This area is (Pericardium # 6).  The Defender's fingers dig into the Attacker's right forearm along the same line.  It is very important to seize these points, as this will cause the Attacker to loosen the grip on the knife. As long as the Defender maintains the pressure, the Attacker will not be able to close the Attacker's right fist.

02. The Defender turns the body quickly to the left counter clockwise to face the 1:00 direction. The Defender uses this small circle twist of the waist to add to the power of the next movement.  The Defender has positioned the Defender's right hand at the Defender's right side with the palm facing out.  The Defender's right forearm (inner side) against the Defender's lower ribs on the Defender's right side. The Defender's fingers point to the 5:00 direction. The combination of the body shift, waist turn, and right palm heel thrust to the back of the Attacker's right hand, bends and/or breaks the Attacker's right wrist and hand. The Defender is now facing to 12:00. The Defender has stripped the knife away from the Attacker and counter thrust the weapon to the Attacker.  The available targets would be the upper ribs on the Attacker's right side or the Attacker's neck and throat.  

**** This is where the variations come in.  The Defender can reposition the knife to stab the throat, or spin the blade to slash across the upper neck on the Attacker's right side then come back and slash the Attacker's right inside of the wrist. This is a slice and dice drill with different endings.  Can be throws or whatever as long as it is practical. *****
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