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Grandmaster Frank Conway


John Bishop:

Frank Conway has had extensive exposure to Kajukenbo and some of it's top instructors.
He started his martial arts career with the late Sr. Grandmaster Joe Halbuna, who learned directly from Sijo Emperado.  After receiving his black belt in 1965, Conway went on to further his Kajukenbo education with the late Ahgung Tony Ramos, and Grandmaster Charles Gaylord.
Prof. Conway openned his first school in Redwood City, California in 1965.  At that time his students actively participated in tournament sparring matches throughout California.
In 1967, when the Kajukenbo Association of America was formed, Conway was one of it's charter members.
Conway closed his Redwood City school in 1971 to enter the law enforcement field.  While working as a law enforcement officer in Benicia, California, Conway found time to teach defensive tactics to police officers and cadets at Solano College, North Bay Police Officers Academy, Fairfield Police Department, and the Pittsburg Police Department.  At this time he continued his Kajukenbo teaching in Benicia.
After retiring from law enforcement, Conway, in partnership with Prof. Bob Maschmeier openned a Kajukenbo school in Pacifica, California.
Professor Conway received his 9th degree promotion from Kajukenbo founder Sijo Adriano Emperado.
He also has the distinction of writing the first english language book on Kajukenbo, "Kajukenbo-The Ultimate Self Defense System" 


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