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Bothell, Washington


Ancient Strength Martial Arts
22416 61st Ave. SE
Bothell, WA   98021
TEL: [425]-246-3867
WEBSITE: www.ancientstrength.com
E-MAIL: ancientstrength@ancientstrength.com
Senior Instructor Gray Cassidy holds a 5th degree black belt in and teaches the Gaylord Method of Kajukenbo as one aspect of his organization's curriculum, alongside the Choy Li Fut Kung-Fu and Tai Chi Chuan Kung-Fu [taught primarily as a form of traditional Chinese "soft" style combatives] which make up the bulk of the instructional format.  He also holds Master's certification in Shaolin Chin-Na Kung-Fu and a Level One [the highest grade of] Instructorship in the Third Style subsystem of Shaolin Kung-Fu. He additionally holds a 5th degree black belt in Aikijutsu, a 3rd degree black belt in the Tracy's System on Chinese Kenpo Karate and a basic black belt in Goju-Ryu Karate-Do, having trained in both the Japanese and original Okinawan aspects of that art.


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