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KAJUKENBO Video Tape Series - "Original Method"

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John Bishop:
We are now also selling the WKO Instructional DVD's in a 6 DVD Set. 
This set will include Volumes "A-1 thru A-6".
Price will be: $139.95 + $5.50 S&H to U.S.

I recently received the 8 dvd set and I have watched it over and over and over, etc.
Great product!
Thanks to all who participated in it's production! ;D

Stan Kristovich:
I have a full set, they are really great, not only for training but for understanding the history of Kajukenbo (by comparing what we do now vs. what the baseline was).


John Bishop:
Almost monthly I get inquiries as to whether video testing and ranking are availiable to purchasers of these DVD's.  In short the answer is, absolutely not.
I want to make sure everyone understands the purposes of these DVD's.  Like the Panther Productions series in 1986, this newer series is meant to be a training supplement to a student's live training under a qualified instructor.  They also serve as Sijo's historical record of his "Original Method" of Kajukenbo.

No matter what anyone may claim, Grandmaster Gary Forbach (or any of his black belts) have never issued any rank or authorization to teach, based on a persons study of these videos/dvd's.  So if you encounter anyone who claims to be qualified to teach the "Original Method" of Kajukenbo based on their studies from these videos/dvds, you should look very closely at their black belt/instructor credentials.   


Mark Dinkel:
I have already purchased the complete set and think they are great. They answered some questions that I could not get answered elsewhere.

However, I have a problem, small as it or we may be.

I loaned my AA and AB discs to my "little brother" with specific instructions that I wanted them back. Needless to say, I have not been able to get them back.

Is there a way to replace them? I would like to have the complete set.

Thank you


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