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KAJUKENBO Video Tape Series - "Original Method"

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I wanted to know if you had these produced on DVD yet?
I do not have a VHS player so if you could let me know if you have them or when they are done I would most appreciate it.
Also if you have not found someone to put them on DVD let me know I may know someone who does that. PM me if you have a quote from whoever was going to produce the DVDs.

Dear ae007cowboy,
They have already been converted and mastered onto DVD and I will begin filling orders (already have a waiting list) sometime next week.  Keep an eye on the Cafe for more details.  ;D
Thank you for your interest,
Gary Forbach

I would like to be added to this list ;D

Thank you.

John Bishop:

We are within a few days of having complete sets availiable for shipping.  There are some last edits to finish on the "Blue Belt", "Brown Belt", and "Black Belt" DVD's, that should be finished in the next few days.  (They'd be finished now, but GM Forbach had knee surgery last friday.)

Right now the following DVD's are ready to ship out:  "History & Traditions", "Adult Basics", "White/Purple Belt Requirements", "Purple Belt Requirements", and "Green Belt Requirements".  

At this time the videos will only be availiable in DVD.  
Pricing will be:  8 DVD Set,    $159.95 + $6.50 Postage to U.S.
                     Individual DVD's, $24.95 + $2.50 Postage to the U.S.
                     (There will be wholesale pricing availiable to school owners)

PayPal orders can be made to:



John Bishop:
Grandmaster Forbach will not be attending the event this weekend due to some more knee surgery being scheduled for him on friday. 
If anyone would like to purchase a WKO set of DVD's, or any individual WKO DVD while your at the Sijo's event, PM me, and I'll bring them up for you.


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