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What's this section for?


John Bishop:
This section will be for members to post "mpeg" links from their own website or a hosting website.  Right now we don't have the ability to host "mpegs" here at the cafe, but we still want to showcase "Kajukenbo" in action. 
The rules of this section are as follows:

1.  The mpeg should be of yourself or someone you have permission to link to.
2.   Mpegs should be of Kajukenbo practitioners, demonstrating Kajukenbo techniques only.
3.   Please identify the practitioner, the technique, and the "branch" or "method" the technique is from.
4.   If you choose to make coments about someone else's mpeg, please try and be positive in your suggestions, or coments.   

What we would really like to see is examples from all the Kajukenbo branches and methods.  Feel free  to post as many links as you like.

And remember, you don't have to be a Grandmaster, Professor, or even a black belt, to post a link of yourself demonstrating a technique or kata.

John Bishop:
We have looked and looked and FINALLY found a FREE, SAFE and SECURE site with no pop-ups, ads or banners !!! So far as I have tested it- it does not place spy-ware onto your PC. 

You can create your own account and upload files of UNLIMITED size for FREE to share with everyone! 

Here is the site ~~~~NO LONGER A SAFE SITE

When your file is uploaded you can either copy/paste the webpage link and it will run on it's own page.

or if it a vid file- while it is playing right click on it's page. You can right click on it and then click properties- then copy/paste the link under Location. It will play in your Windows Media player when you paste the link onto your thread/reply

it brot me to a porno site haha. this is the 1 right? sign up and upload?

John Bishop:

--- Quote from: Owa on June 17, 2009, 11:11:20 AM ---it brot me to a porno site haha. this is the 1 right? sign up and upload?

--- End quote ---

Well that's not good.  I deleted the site address.  Things change in 2 years.  Better use You Tube instead.


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