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Where would one host a video?  I have a technique I'd like to possibly post, but I have no idea where to host the video.

Sometimes your ISP will allow for a certain amount of web space.  For example AOL allows their members to host web pages.  I think there is a 5 mb limit though.  If you are in a bind, I have a plethora of bandwidth that can easily handle the video traffic.  PM me if you need a host.

Thanks......I'll see if I can host it myself somehow and if not I might send it your way.  Although I'm not sure I'm ready for others to see me doing techniques.  Don't want to embarass myself in front of the high ranking guys here, you know. ;D

dastars: is one available site, and there are others.  Usually you have to put up with ad displays in exchange for the hosting, but it sure beats paying for web space :)


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