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Grandmaster Emil Bautista's 35 Anniversary Seminar
« on: May 17, 2003, 06:22:34 PM »
Fresh off the press. Plan to join us for the 35th Anniversary celebration of the Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institute of Vallejo. Grandmaster Emil Bautista opened KSDI, Vallejo in 1968. To honor this great acheivement KSDI, Vallejo will hold a two-day celebration.

On Saturday, August 9th, Grandmaster Bautista will host a seminar at St. Patricks High School, 1500 Benicia Road, Vallejo, California.

The seminar will include training for all belt levels as well as special training for kids ages 8-16. I will be teaching the Alphabet Techniques from A-Z for those instructors interested in adding them to their curriculum.

On Sunday, August 10th, Grandmaster Bautista will host a barbecue/picnic at Dan Foley Park in Vallejo (across from Marine World) to provide everyone with an opportunity to talk story or make up new ones.

This celebration should be a who's who of Kajukenbo. We are still working out all the details. The seminar will be $50.00 and will include lunch and a certificate. I will post a flyer soon. Don't miss this historic event.

I have contacted Grandmaster DeChi Emperado; she will be there with Sijo to help celebrate this special occasion.

For more information, please contact:
Grandmaster or Betty Bautista at (707) 644-5477 or
Sigung Mitch Powell at (707) 864-6642 or
Sifu Clarence Isadore at (707) 557-2493 or
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