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schools in sw portland


Are there any schools in the tualatin, tigard, beaverton area? or something close?
and how much??

There are several Kajukenbo-Wun Hop Kuen Do schools in the Portland area.  Talk to Sifu Al Dacascos for details.  (sifual@aol.com)

Hello Jill,

You may be the person that called me a little bit ago about the schools in SW.  If not, please contact me and I can hook you up with some of the Kajukenbo teachers around here.  Sigung Tim Gagnier is a highly qualified instructor of Kajukenbo in the Aloha area.  We also have a guy in Hillsboro and a few in SE Portland, including myself.

Sifu Trent Junker
Realm Of The Tiger Martial Arts Academy
2001 SE 50th Ave.
Portland, OR  97215
(503) 233-8860
(503) 381-2327

John Magee:
Ahhh portland... city of trees and rain... lots of rain... and trees... and more rain.

The trees there ramind me of this particular martial artist.



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