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Kajukenbo in the Philippines?

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hey wsup guys. i just moved here to the philippines from san diego. i was under professor Allan Abad's ex-school now run by my sifu Rex Cabanas. Neways, just wondering if Any1 knows any school of kajukenbo here? its extremely hard missing the art/self-defense that i consider my 2nd family.. all help is appretiated. thanks in advance

da 6 month bump ...

what part of the Phillipines?

did you find a kajukenbo or escrima school yet?

Sifu Sin Bin:
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I am currentley in  Las Vegas but is planning to be back in the philippines some time in March of next year. Please email me,  I'd like to get your input on some things. Please e mail me at castilloksdi@yahoo.com

Thank you,

Sifu, Domingo (Ilocos Norte)

im in quezon city. mainland luzon. about 1 hour away from manila but i usually go to manila to practice parkour with some groupmates


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