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« on: December 31, 2002, 06:50:46 PM »
Is there any books available  on Kajukenbo ?
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Re: Book
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Right now there are no english language Kajukenbo books still in print  
The book "Kajukenbo, The Ultimate Self Defense System" by Prof. Frank Conway and Jane Hallander is now out of print.
Prof. Angel Garcia from Spain has 2 spanish language books out.
There are 3 video series available.
Prof. Forbach's 9 video series is available thru Panther Productions, now owned by Century Martial Arts Supply.  
Grandmaster Joe Halbuna's 8 video set is available from Pacific Rim Publishers.
And, Prof. Al Dacascos's 4 video series on the Won Hop Kuen Do branch is availiable from Unique publications.
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Re: Book
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Eric Lee had / has a book out on self defense with a lot of Kajukenbo techniques in it. Gary Forbach was featured in some of the photos.

Also Sam Allred has several spanish language books out (neat to see a much younger Gerald Chavez demontrating). According to his bio he will be having some new titles out soon.

As far as the videos available. I wish to add that untill recently Gary Forbach had a beautifully produced series available. A complete re=shoot of the Panther series with a lot of his classmates from GM Reyes school. Angel Garcia has one or two videos on Kajukenbo available through "Budo " magazine. It is now available in the USA and in it you can order them from a US address in NTSC format.

William Beaver (living in Kuwait) has a video series available there on Kajukenbo, but it is not available in NTSC - yet.
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Re: Book
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Does anyone know how to get ahold of the spanish books?  I have recently ordered the out of print book by Frank Conway and Jane Hollander.  Also, how do I find the new series of videos by Professor Forbach?
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