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Good info for teaching children: Part 3
« on: January 13, 2003, 12:42:12 PM »

I recently took my son to his first day of school.  He was the only one in the
class of 28 without a personalized book bag, jacket or some other item.  When
kids get approached, the pervert is looking for anything - a game they are
playing, a name that they can use to develop rapport.  Remember every person's
favorite sound is their own name.  That is why we use it so many times in class
each day.

Recognition and familiarity.  If a child's name is called out, they may
immediately let their guard down and start talking.  Do not teach them to say;" I
can't talk to strangers"; teach them Not to speak to strangers.  Do not allow
them to get caught up in a web of conversation.  They are as good as gone if
they start talking and get into a conversation.  It develops a bond and also
puts them within earshot.  Some perverts may start whispering to a child,
requiring the child to come closer so they can hear. That's when they can get
grabbed.  Remember, NO NAMES on anything.

This is a sensitive subject to discuss,  but it gets very easy with repetition.
If a child gets used to talking about this, it will then be much easier to
report if it ever does occur.  Identify that a good touch is a hug, a kiss on
the cheek, a pat on the back or shaking hands.  "Doesn't it make you feel good
when Mom gives you a hug or a kiss"?  That feeling is called "good touch".  "Bad
Touch" is if anyone touches their private areas where their "bathing suit
covers".  Bad touch is also feeling that the touch is "creepy".

Let them know if it happens that it isn't their fault and they should tell the
teacher, Mom or Dad, or any other adult that they trust.  Overcome the stigma of
talking about this subject.  Let the children know that they can tell Mom, Dad
or teacher if someone is "bad touching" them. Believe them and investigate.
Discuss the situation with the child.  Do not ignore the situation.  Help them
to know that they can trust you and that if such a thing happens to them, they
are not at fault.  This is an important step to the healing process.  In most
cases, kids are not capable of sexual fantasy.  In order to create these images,
most kids would have had to be exposed to some sort of pornography or have been

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