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Good info for teaching children: Part 2
« on: January 13, 2003, 12:41:24 PM »
Kids have a very highly developed sixth sense.  They should be taught at a young
age to trust this sense.  For instance, if a child tells you that a certain
person gives them a bad feeling and makes them uncomfortable, believe them.
If they feel that they are being followed or someone is trying to get them,
teach them to go in the opposite direction.  

Make sure kids know that they are never to speak to strangers especially passers
by in cars.  They can be grabbed too quickly.  If they can hear the person, they
are too close to the car.

Teach children to ignore people they don't know who try to talk to them.

Teach them if they think they are being followed, to go to a neighbor's house or
into a store.

If someone tries to talk to them or grab them, teach them to run in the opposite

If a car slows down or if a person in a car asks for directions, teach them to
stay away from the car.

Make sure that you and all your instructors understand how  important it is to
tell kids that it is not rude to ignore people they do not know.

All parents lead busy, hectic lives - kids, school, jobs, and social lives.  Do
you know how many people I have had interview me and ask me what my
qualifications were as an instructor?   Or ask if I had ever been in trouble
with the law and checked out my references?  Only 3 in my 12 year teaching

That's ridiculous!  Parents can never know enough about those people who have
responsibility for their children.  This includes teachers, baby-sitters,
coaches, preaches, other friends, parents, anyone.  Check into their
backgrounds; their last job, references, police record and see how you feel
about them personally.  Do not trust a referral.  Never let someone do your job
for you. Do it yourself and do it thoroughly.  

This is VITAL!  Make sure that parents and kids pick out a confidential code
word!  Maybe it's not convenient, but it is life saving.  Most abductions are
done by familiar faces - friends, co-workers, even relatives.  Teach parents to
decide with their kids on a secret word that only the parent and the child know;
something fun and silly like pizza, lipstick, zordon (a Power Ranger character)
and tell them to make sure it's something unique.

Make sure that parents leave a list of people that their child is allowed to go
home with at school or at a friend's house with specific instructions not to
release the child to anyone else.

Teach children that anyone who comes to pick them up must have this code word.
If a person does not know the code word, the child must never go with that
person.  No code word - don't go - no excuses.  The child should not speak to
that person anymore if they do not know it.  

Abductors will make up any excuse, "Your mom is in the hospital.  Hurry let's
go."  Remember, no code word - no ride or talking- even if you know the person.


It is amazing to me that we have to mention this, but many parents and teachers
do not realize that kids are like a blank computer disk.  All they really need
is love and acceptance from us.

Kids are perfect when they are born.  All we can do with them is enhance their
natural talents and make sure they stay safe.

If we were to cherish and love them the way we should, many pedophiles wouldn't
even exist.  Being loved and nurtured as children, they wouldn't be acting out
that victim cycle.  Abductors look for lonely kids at a playground or at a
school.  The ones that are the easiest victims usually get chosen.  Let your
kids feel totally loved  all the time.  Help them to be active and never needy
for attention or affection.
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