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Jerry Cook

Master in Shaolin & Wudang Arts (5 animals, long fist, buddha palm, tai chi, baqua, xing-yi, traditional and exotic weapons systems)

8th degree Kajukenbo black belt--under Grandmaster Ron Pierce

Black belt ranking also in:  
Shuai Chiao (Chinese Wrestling)
Okinawan Gojo Ryu
Budokan Jujitsu

Other Affiliations and Former Associations:
Master Instructor--United Martial Arts
2005 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame
2005 International Grandmasters Council--United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame
1987 International Shuai Chiao Assn
World Tai Chi Federation
International Kenpo Karate Assn
World Taekwondo Federation
World Martial Arts Association

Private and semi-private instruction for black belt instructors and master instructors

Seminar Instructional Materials:  Traditional and Exotic Weapons and Forms

Call:  (623) 910-6341 for promo DVD or to schedule a seminar. 
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