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Facts Backing Mitose's History Promised!
« on: May 30, 2003, 07:27:35 AM »
  First of all, I would like to clarify that I am open minded and unbiased in my investigation of kempo's history from Hawaii to Japan. I know reading some of my posts it may seem I'm a Mitose 'debunker' and my mind is made up. This is not so. I started this quest to prove the Mitose lineage to be authentic but wound up with 'egg on my face'. I was given absolutely no solid facts or evidence supporting the history as we were taught to believe. Nothing! ???  However, I was given much evidence purporting it was a myth or should I say the lack of evidence was strongly pointed out to me that the Mitose story is full of holes and I agree. Again, it is not my position to knock anyone for their beliefs, however, when we are mislead to believe things and go on to relate this disinformation to our students and it is later uncovered as lies, then we lose our credibility with our students. Myself and others on this forum have asked simple questions about Mitose. Who taught him? What actual system did he study in Japan? Where or from whom did he learn Naihanchi Kata from? Is there a record of Mitose studying under Motobu? All very simple, open and honest questions. We, however, NEVER, get a straight answer from the Kosho supporters, never! So, they get fustrated because we do not believe them but what do they expect?
    Yesterday, I received information from a friend of mine who strongly supports Kosho Ryu as Mitose describes it. As of now, he would rather me paraphrase and not mention the name of his source. I will respect that but I can assure everyone, if anyone should know the truth than this individual should. No, it is not Hanshi Juchnik but it is indeed a Mitose supporter. I will not go out on a limb yet and say the information will most definitely back up the Mitose history but I will say this: The source states that he is in possession of records and documents written in Japanese of the  Mitose family-the father's side, the Yoshida family-the mother's biological father's side, and suprisingly the "Kosho" family-mother's biological mother's side. I never recalled hearing that Kosho was actually a true family name. I was told when this information is released none of it will be subject to interpretation. It will be all undisputed fact with names, dates, places and it will 'prove' the accuracy of the history of James Mitose and his place as the 21st descendant of Kosho Ryu. Everything! All questions answered. When this will be released, I don't know. I've been told soon or within a few years and there's talk of a book being published with all this information soon. The reason for this post is two pronged-I wish to show I will keep an open mind and secondly, maybe someone reading this knows the facts and can enlighten us so that we do not have to wait any longer to solve this enigma.
    Let me also state, I am closed minded on Mitose's criminal background and the way he conducted himself in Hawaii and California which led to his subsequent arrest and conviction. I believe it has been proven the man was no role model for kenpoists but I am looking beyond the man and attempting to validate his contributions to the art of kenpo/kempo. ;)  What say you! Respectfully, Shihan Joe

PS: I hate sounding 'mysterious' on this as far as my sources go but its like police work, if you give your word not to reveal your sources then you have to stand by that. A man is as good as his word. ;) Please understand. Thanks! :)
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Re: Facts Backing Mitose's History Promised!
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Shihan Shuras,

I'm sure everyone respects your decision to keep your source private.  A man is only as good as his word, and you are a good man.

This will be very interesting to read (hopefully it gets translated!) when/if it comes out.  It's no secret that I too am a supporter of Mitose, Juchnik, and Kosho in general.  Perhaps this will be the proof needed to back up what Mitose Sensei spoke of many years ago.

If this is true, then I would hope that all who doubted this in the past can finally put this behind them and accept the truth for what it is.

Since we have been waiting for many years for these types of documents, I'm sure we can wait a little longer.

Thank you for sharing this info with the group.

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Re:Facts Backing Mitose's History Promised!
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Okay, I have put updates on all my posts on the history and training background of James M. Mitose and Kosho Ryu Kempo in the Martial Arts Talk section under 'Solving a Mitose Mystery' and the 'Mitose/Ueshiba Connection, the General History section under 'Historical Photo-Professor Chow's School' and one post on the Kajukenbo Extended Family section entitled Chin Gempin: "True Founder of Kempo in Japan"(?). I will provide more infromation as I receive it and validate it. I feel I have been open minded, honest, fair and balanced. Check it out!  ;)  Your comments and questions are always welcome!  :)

Note: Actually, the only negative thing that came out of it was the Mitose/Ueshiba Connection (Aikido) with the two certificates dated 03-22-70 being merely honorary which wouldn't affect his positon in Kosho Ryu anyway, most everything else was favorable toward James M. Mitose being the 21st Descendant of Kosho Ryu Kempo, however under Kosho Kyohei and not under Yoshida Sakuhei as reported by the Jim and Al Tracy.

                                  Respectfully, Shihan Joe
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