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What aspect of your Art do you emphasize?


I train in Kajukenbo now but, my original art, which I still practice is Wing Chun. In Wing Chun we emphasize three important foundations in our Art:
 1) Precision of technique( position of your hands when executing offense and defense)
 2) Economy of movement, when engaging your opponent
3) Centerline philosophy ( Attack and defense of ones centerline).
 I try to keep all these philosphies even as I train in Kajukenbo.
What do you emphasize in  your training? ???

We focus on proper breathing, alignment, intent,  focused strikes and devastating follow up attacks.  Maximum destruction with minimum effort required.  Also work alot with improvised weapons of opportunity. (ie Sticks & SIW's) Small Impact Weapons.

Emphasize is on "Combat and Health" equally,


I echo Sifu Dean's focus definitely and would just like to add sensitivity to the mix as it's my opinion that sensitivity is incredibly important  and can offset pretty much anything that comes your way (sensitivity to distance, connection, position, etc.).  Still a rookie at understanding the full impact of this training attribute but can see through what I have seen demonstrated that this is very important to work to understand.  When I went to China there was a lecture every night with a big white board where the instructors outlined in detail the theory of each of their styles.  Sensitivity was highlighted as one of the main attributes of their system in every lecture and what was cool is all of them expressed sensitivity just a little differently in relation to receiving and generating energy/power.  The styles represented were Chen/Wu/Yang styles of Tai Chi, two XingYi styles, Lan Shou, and Tong Bei.  This was also demonstrated with high precision in all the training sessions that I experienced/witnessed.  In addition to Kajukenbo I practice Silat Sera.  A large part of our training is with emphasis on sensitivity and connecting to ones center.  The Indonesian people are of smaller stature and they have had to develop sensitivity to a very high level and coupled with having their center lower in general, makes for a good combination as it relates to receiving and generation energy/power.

My two cents,

We do Chi Sau drills or sticky hands to train our sensitivity to ones energy. In theory energy or gigong, ki is released from various extremities, for example the elbow down to the hands, we train to be sensitive to this, because it also dictates one movements. If you have ever witnessed a Wing Chun practioner at a high levels, we do this drill full speed and blindfolded. Key element is to react to this energy naturally in combat rather than anticipate it. One of the sayings we have in this drill is that "you must flow with the energy not against it for it may and will be used against you" The Wing Chun mind set is not to meet power with power but to flow with it.


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