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Burn Out
« on: July 08, 2003, 11:21:09 AM »

How often to you get burnt out. I get burnt out about twice a year and when I do it last's for a week or two and it gets to the point were I don't even feel like being at my school but I have to. I've taken some step's to help relieve this by taking a few breaks a year, one week in July and another break over Thanksgiving weekend and a week from Christmas to Newyears. I just had a week off and did nothing but hang out at my pool and I was itching to get back by mid week but I didn't, im ready this week. What are some ways you stay refreshed throught the year or to help prevent burn out ?
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Re:Burn Out
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2003, 07:06:11 PM »
I try to go to a seminar at another school with a different system.  

One of two things will happen:  

I will either learn something cool to bring back to our shool that will give us something different to do for a class or two,

or I will be greatful that I train at a great school in a wonderful system and I'll be ready to keep working on the same stuff I've been doing.

When there is no where to go, I too take a few days off.
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Re:Burn Out
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2003, 12:13:47 AM »
There are usually underlying circumstances when burn out sets in.
Some I've experienced are: Lack of recognition/comparative salary, stagnation as far as learning/inspiration, being overworked.
The most common areas of being overworked are Summercamps, when you have to be there from 7am to 8-9pm. Kickboxing classes on top of full time group/private schedule. Overnighters without adequit help.
Most of these I experienced when working for others, and pretty much was expected to put in these extra efforts.
Well I have paid my dues and now own/opperate my own school and seem to be in the same situations.
Being independent there is lack of recognition, unless one pays franchise/license/consulting fees. I have made little salary the first year of opperation(putting most of the $ back into the school). Learning/inspiration is lacking in that I don't have a teacher that I am currently working with...see line about consulting fees. I am not really overworked, but I have to do everything myself, teach group/private 6 days a week on top of everything from janitorial/bookeeper/etc. etc. etc..
Really the same factors from a different perspective.
I have dedicated going on 10 years and things really aren't all that different.
Although having experienced these challenges I know how to treat/appreciate/motivate my staff...well future staff.

Wow I think it is time for a week off! I am scheduling a week ever year and some long holiday weekends. The key here is to be consistant from year to year so that it is expected/known by all.
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Re:Burn Out
« Reply #3 on: July 09, 2003, 07:20:00 AM »
I take scheduled breaks that mostly come around holidays.  I post the school closings for the year on our bulletin board.  I just had four days off to celebrate the 4th of July.

We all need breaks.  Feeling burned out is quite normal.  I have a few black belts and some brown belts that can cover for me if I need to take a night off that isn't scheduled.  The students and parents seem to understand that I need a break from time to time.

For me burnout comes mainly from giving and giving and giving.  But I never really get to receive.  Meaning, that I am constantly teaching and don't often get a chance to have someone just attack me and be my uke for an extended period.  This is changing for me now as I have more students who are willing to take the shots.  I tell them to just attack and try to take me out.  This helps get me motivate again!