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While attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I was one of several study subjects, for a two year period, for a graduate student’s thesis on meditation.  The term meditation originally was an “Eastern” term that had philosophical ties, Buddha consciousness.  In the beginning it seems like meditation was a paradox; the goal of meditation was to have no goal?  The hypothesis was that just by being aware of the HERE AND NOW it would some how transcend your normal consciousness and state of mind.  It turned out that it’s much like trying the label “God”;  once your judge an experience and try to explain it to someone who has not experience the state of mind you have confined the state of being by labels.  .  Zen meditation allegedly conditions the mind of having no thought/judgment and from this state of “clarity” you may experience a flash of enlightenment, thus zazen (Just sitting) and meditating on a question (Koan) such as the classic, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”   Going back further in the Hindu aspect it is similar to getting a hint of “God consciousness”, the endless void of nothingness but yet encompassing everything.  To many this is just psycho-babble because what is not tangible is not real. 

Just my two cents,

Michael Samala

William Badders:
When I lived down town I would go to the Zen Center at 5 before the sun would come up. then some times after work at 3 I think.  Meditated for about 30 min.


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