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Vala Au:
Sigung Tim and Prof. Bono I like the ideas of sorting, storing, and observing the thoughts.  Mariel, I forgot to mention I also use tapes of rain sounds,  tribal drums that sound like heart beats, Tibetan singing bowls, and rythmic flutes to help stimulate the alpha and beta waves.  This comes from Holotropic breathing which was developed by Stan Grof.  It takes it to a deeper level.

Sifu C:
I have been studying Tai Chi for a little over a year now.  I have read and believe that Tai Chi is "moving meditation."  However, I have yet to be able to articulate to myself what that means as I focus my thoughts inward for outward movements.  Maybe in another year . . .

With My Respects,

Sibak C

Sigung Jason, there is nothing like being outside early morn in the actual rain......a little wet but goodtimes.....

OOO, I'm not sure how relaxing that would be.....

Hey what time in the morn .....or time of day are you all meditating and for how long.....just looking for a rough estimate...

Mariel Maeso:
Thank you all!


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