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Ron Baker:

My work has (fortunately/unfortunately) brought me and my family to Atlanta.  Any of the ohana out here?

John Bishop:
The only instructor I know of in Geogia is Prof. Walt Andrae in Augusta.  I don't know how close that is to Atlanta, but if your interested in visiting him PM me for his email address.

Ron Baker:
Thanks Professor.  Augusta is a ways out from the ATL, but once we get settled in, it might be worthwhile to visit him occasionally.

Happy Holidays.

It's a bit of a trip, but Professor Andrae is a fantastic teacher and a fountain of useful knowledge.  I do suggest contacting him ahead of time because he runs a fairly busy schedule and does not have a regular "class" as such.

Walt is a great teacher.  I studied and received my brown under him.  Because of his teaching I was ultimately able to achieve my 1st degree BB.  I think I may possibly be the only other Kaju BB in the ATL area (Kennesaw).  My personal email is iqknowles@yahoo.com if you would like to know more about Walt.  I don't think he actually holds classes anymore.


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