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Any schools in Tenn?


C Drake:
Anyone know of any?   Or any instructors that may teach out of their home?

What area? I am in the Knoxville/Maryville area. Looking to train/teach.

I am in Cleveland,Tn and teach have trained in Kajukenbo as my first and only since 1982 when I, at that time was a Wado-Ryu student ( Brown belt ), was soundly defeated by a student who was only a purple belt in Kajukenbo. Sifu Terry Warren sat down and explained a lot to me though now I have more questions on this journey than when I started!!! I teach both at my home and at the Boys and Girls Club here in Cleveland. If anyone is interested in getting together please call 423 650 3834  Sifu Nick Campbell

GM Andy Torok:
Seems like I missed the question of Kaju schools in TN. Kajukenbo Concepts is a  fully equipped dojo  operating in Dover, TN since 2009 under head instructor GM Torok. Dover is in west TN about an hour west of Clarksville and 1 1/2 hours south of Paducah KY or 45 min south of Murray, KY. Visit the website at kajucon.com  The main branch is kajukenpo and also Ramos kajukenbo. Contributing arts include judo, jiu jitsu (small circle), kali/escrima, wing chun and chanbara. Note however that we do not offer ranking in these latter arts.

Hi all, Just moved to the GNA. Are there any Kaju/WKD schools in the Franklin/Brentwood area?



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