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I had such a good time reading some of the names of the Kaju tournament greats, that I though surely some of us lesser knowns had some fun matches in our day.

Mine is one where I actually came in third.  It was about 25 years ago in Alameda, and it was a color-belt match against one of the Brinkerhoff's--I forget witch one.  In the match prior to that one, I got clocked in the eye and it was swolen shut.  Sibak Hank Taylor was with me that day and he was livid that the judges "didn't see" the face contact.   Clearly the Kaju fighters were getting no love that day.   So Sibak Taylor gave me that look, like "you better *&!@* him up or I'm gonna *&!@* you up."   I followed orders and won that match more out of fear of Sibak than the kid I was fighting.

The fun came when fighting Brinkerhoff.  He was a good foot taller than me, and had a serious reach advantage.  Speed is all that kept me in the fight.   With the score two-all; time up; and my eye completely shut, we musta clashed for what seemed like an hour.  But ultimately, one of those long legs made its way past my backfist and he got me.  When the fight was over, we ended up getting a huge ovation and much respect from our judges.   Best fight I ever had.

What was your favorite tournament/fight?
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