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John Bishop:

GM Davis started his martial arts training in the early part of 1962, and received his black belt in 1966.  He was the third black belt promoted by Grandmaster Aleju Reyes; the first two being Don Nahoolewa and Richard Peralta.
GM Davis was a charter member of the first Kajukenbo association on the mainland; the “Kajukenbo Association of America”, founded on February 22, 1967. 
Prof. Davis fought in his first tournament at Luke Air Force Base in 1963, along with Bob McConnell.  It was a Japanese sponsored event, with three Japanese style schools, one Korean style school, and Davis and McConnell.  It was a open tournament with no weight classes or belt divisions.  Both McConnell and Davis were disqualified for excessive contact. 
GM Davis was one of the early students at the Oakland, Ca. school of Bruce Lee and James Yinn Lee.  He trained there for about 6 months in 1964-65, and still has his membership card “#064.”.  He also trained privately under Grandmaster Al Dacascos, and attended classes in Judo with Sensei Jimmy Tanaka, Danzan Ryu Jujitsu with Sensei Robert Fischer, and some “Jane Woo” Tai Chi classes with Sifu William Yeung. 
In 1991, GM Davis assisted Sijo Emperado and Prof. Gary Forbach in the production of the World Kajukenbo Organization video series on the “Original Method” of Kajukenbo   
   Although he is semi-retired, GM Davis finds time to teach part time at his students (Joseph Mraz) school in Vacaville, Ca. and at Grandmaster Emil Bautista’s school in Vallejo, Ca.  He occassionally teaches seminars at various Kajukenbo schools and at Sijo Emperado’s birthday Luau/Tournament/Seminar weekend.
   This June (2003), GM Davis promoted Serene Terrazas to black belt, the first black belt promotion he has made in over 20 years. 
   GM Davis has added techniques from other systems to his own training, and teaches some of the hand techniques, throws, locks, and choke holds to his older students, but mainly, he still teaches the “old system Kajukenbo”, as it was taught in the early and mid 1960s.  (14 Palama Sets, 15 Grab Arts, 21 Punching Techniques, 13 Club Techniques, 15 Knife Techniques, 8 Two Man Attacks, 6 Three Man Attacks, 1 Four Man Attack, and 26 Alphabets).   
   Prof. Joe Davis was promoted to Grandmaster, 9th degree, by Sijo Emperado on August 10th, 2003.
He was inducted into the Kajukenbo Hall of Fame in Vallejo 2005, at Sijo's annual Kajukenbo tournament.
Also inducted into the World Martial Art Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, Nevada at following years, 2006, annual tournament and seminar given by Sijo Emperado. 

Grandmaster Joseph Davis is having a birthday soon this February!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Joe, your classmate and friend.

Today is your birthday!! Hooray for you, Sir! ;D

Happy Birthday GM Davis! ;D

Its an honor to know you and be your student. Thanks for all the great teachings and stories.

I wish you all the best on your special day and many more happy returns.

Israel Gonzales:
Happy Birthday Sir, from all of us in Fort Worth, Texas, we wish you the best!

Happy birthday sir from everyone at Reyes Kenpo


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