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Name: Grandmaster Mitch Powell, 9th Degree

School: Powell's Mixed Martial Arts Academy

System: Original Hard-Line Emperado Method Kajukenbo plus Boxing, Kick Boxing & Grappling

Grandmaster Powell's Instructors: AhGung Tony Ramos, SGM Calvin Shin, SGM Emil Bautista, SGM Joe Davis
Will Travel: Throughout the United States

Will Teach the Following:
Kajukenbo Theory & Applications
Kajukenbo, Boxing, Kick Boxing, & Grappling Drills and Pad Work
Palama Sets 1-14
Punch Arts 1-21
Grab Arts 1-15
Knife Defense 1-15
Club Defense 1-13
2-Man Defense 1-8
3-Man Defense 1-6
Alphabets Techniques A-Z

Contact Information: (707) 344-1655

Cost: Travel expenses and instructor fees

I have the Original Method Alphabet Techinques and Knife and Club Techniques available on DVD. The DVDs are professionally produced and easy to follow.
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Grandmaster Mitch Powell (Emperado Method)
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