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WHKD Continuous Training
« on: August 04, 2003, 06:54:53 AM »
Dear Friends and Students,

Here is the program for our yearly WHKD continuous program.  In a few days, you will receive some additional information with a couple of  booklets on Oahu and Maui and the activities you could add into our own program. Check your mail boxes. The booklets will be out of date by the time October comes around but the purpose of the booklet is to show you what is available. Most all of the coupons by October should also be the same.  Once in Hawaii, we will give you new booklets for the month of October.  At the moment, it is high season and prices are set for the summer crowd.  Comes October, cost of things are at low season prices. For more information, e-mail me at

 Note: The first and the second half of the trip are two separate events.

Schedule and Agenda for October 15 to 27, 2003 October 15 to 23  Honolulu, Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii Afternoon of October 23, fly over to Maui and check into Maui Beach Hotel Some members of the group will stay on for another few days or maybe a week longer on Maui.  Suggested flight plan. Fly into Honolulu, Oahu, on October 15. Fly to Maui in the Afternoon of Oct. 23, Depart for home from Maui on Oct 27 (Monday) or what ever departure day you want to. If you have not made your flight arrangements yet, I strongly suggest you get moving now!  I can not guarantee space if you start booking late!  1st half of trip:  October 15 to mid afternoon of the 23, Island of Oahu Continuous Education Program 20 Hours Minimum

Cost for the program for our WHKD Training on Oahu $150.00 $25.00 for Black Belt Candidates testing October 19, 2003   Special WHKD Tank top and Sun Visor Included in the program.

WHKD Event for WHKD members and invited paying participants.  Topics will include All Materials from White to Black Belt program for preparation on testing.  Detailing the takedowns, pressure points, Forms, Sparring Techniques, entering and disengaging the confrontation, Weapons and WHKD exclusive materials. Certificate of 20 hours completion at the end of the program.  There will be many other sessions that can be covered requested e.i.  New implemented concepts.  Instructor(s) Professor Al Dacascos, and tentatively Sifu  Ben Farjado and possibly other WHKD Instructors to assist.

Please fill out enclosed Application form for the WHKD Program as well as all other forms and return ASAP or on or before deadline.

2nd half of trip: October 23 to 27, Island of Maui

The 2nd half is a Kajukenbo sponsored event.  List of Instructors on information being sent to you via regular mail. Please make sure that  your payments go to the right event and Sponsor. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ October 15, 2003 Wednesday, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

NOTE:Check out or call 1 (808) 923-0411    Hotel is called the Park Shore Waikiki.  The address is 2586 Kalakaua Ave. Honolulu, Hawaii 96815 No need to tell them about our group because everyone that is going is booking independently.  This is for October  2003 event in Waikiki, Honolulu for our WHKD training.  October 15 check in and to check out on the 23 to go to Maui.

Fly in and check into the hotel.  Park Shore Waikiki will be our home base where activities will generate from.  Note:  If you have not made arrangement for the Park Shore Waikiki, I suggest you do it immediately cause time is running out.  Free time in the afternoon to wander around Waikiki.  The Beach is right across the hotel and the training park where we will have our training sessions are opposite the beach.  Most everyone should be in by late afternoon and we will have our first get together at 7PM in the lobby of the hotel for registration and getting acquainted with our fellow Kajukenbo-WHKD and Martial Arts Group.  Estimated group size 20- or + You will receive information and detail schedule changes if any at this time.


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