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The first time
« on: September 17, 2007, 06:46:55 PM »
Their comes a time for all of use to use what we have learned in the street. Now instead of making this a brag about how we took apart the other guy, I am more intersted on what your thoughts were during and after. Did you realize half way through the encounter "Hey this is Punch Art 7" or "This is Club 4".  After the confrontation what was your thoughts about what you could of done to improve your defense if at all. In reading Prof. Harper's post "the reason we train" made me think of my first time using what I have learned and even things I did not know I learned.

My first time was at a company outdoor event and a drunk guy took a swing at me. Looking back I did not really think about what I was doing to defend myself until the police were asking for what happened. I was training for a whole month before this. I really did not know anything at all about Kajukenbo. What I did was stike the swinging right arm with a left long outward block and open hand to the neck, followed by a jab, elbow dropping my attacker. My intial thought was "Wow, it works". I was a little bewildered at what had happened. It was not till a week later I arrived early to class and watched the Kid's class like I normally do, that I realized what I actual did. They were working on Club 3. I had watched them in the pior weeks work on this method. I had unkowingly stored it away in my head and used it.  To this day I make it apoint to arrive early and watch the kid train.
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