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« on: October 04, 2007, 02:12:49 PM »

Hello all,

 I just signed up and wanted to introduce myself. I have been training in Kajukenbo for about 1 and 1/2 months now and I love it. The things I love about Kaju are:

1. When I spar if we fall down we better be able to know how to continue to defend ourself and not stop the sparring to let the person stand back up
2. The history behind it. This is one reason I did not want to go to a pure MMA gym. Although I'm sure you get close to your fellow gym training buddies, you don't have this huge extended family like you do with Kaju. You can go almost anywhere in the world and if you meet another Kaju practitioner you will form an instant bond.
3. The realism of the training. For example, I had a pretty serious workout yesterday and I have black and blues all over my forearms (I don't recall if it was from the ground work or breaking out of the choke holds). In my 1 year of Taekwondo, I don't think I was bruised once.
4. Very little B.S. in the curriculum

I also began going to BJJ class once a week. The reason I'm doing this is because I previously did not have any ground experience and I feel I am the weakest on the ground. I knew if I got knocked down to the ground and someone jumped on me, I would not know what to do. Although we do quite a bit of ground work in my Kaju class (my instructor says it's more then most Kaju classes), I feel I have alot of catching up to do because I am 30 years old and I want to improve my greatest weakness. I do not feel BJJ is very realistic for self defense other then the fact if you get knocked down hopefully you will be able to choke someone out, break a limb, etc quickly and get back up to deal with his friends.

My previous martial art experience is 1 year in Taekwondo and 6 months of Muay Thai, which is why I feel I have decent striking. I really regret not sticking with my martial arts training in the past, so now my goal is to get a purple belt in BJJ (so I can deal with the majority of people I would meet on the street, including MMA practioners) and black in Kaju.

Apologies for the long post. Best wishes.
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Re: Introduction
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Welcome to the board. Good luck with your goals. Sounds a bit similar to mine.
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Re: Introduction
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Welcome to the boards. Good place here and tons of good info. I fyou dont see any info you are looking just ask and i am sure that someone will respond with a anwser or a direction for your question..
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