Author Topic: Alpabet Techniques at Oakhurst Ohana  (Read 1618 times)

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Alpabet Techniques at Oakhurst Ohana
« on: August 19, 2003, 10:28:52 AM »
For those who are interested, I will be teaching Alphabet Techniques at Master Jerry Hyde's Ohana Seminar on September 6, in Oakhurst.

We received a lot of positive comments from those who received this knowledge at KSDI, Vallejo's 35th Anniversary Seminar honoring GM Bautista. These techniques are a valuable part of the original hard-line method, especially for upper belts. These are Sijo's advanced punch counters.

I will also bring a limited amount of Alphabet Technique Training Manuals, which contain the written text of each technique from A-Z. The cost of the manual will be $25.00, with a portion going directly to Sijo. The manual is only available to those who participate in the seminar.

Any questions, contact me at

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