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It's what the student saw or heard
« on: August 19, 2003, 10:51:52 AM »
When teaching a student a new drill, technique or form, the way in which the student demonstrates back to you what they were taught tells you a lot.

The visual learner (people who learn by watching) form a mental picture in their mind of what you are showing them. When they demonstrate the drill, technique or form back to you, they are showing you what's in their mental picture. They show you what they see in their mind.

To correct a visual learner, you need to correct the picture in their mind. You can talk all day, that won't fix it. They need to see it done right, or even watch themselves in the mirror perform the drill, technique, ect. to modify the mental picture.  Once the picture is right in their mind, they will have it down.

The auditory learner (people who learn by listening)hears what you are saying an also forms a picture in their mind, but their picture is formed by hearing what you say, not watching.

They, on the other hand, need to hear the moves explained in a manner they can relate to. You can show them over and over, that won't fix them if they are not doing it right. They need to hear it explained in a manner they can understand. Then they can make the changes needed. If they can't make the changes, then you are not explaining it to them in a way they understand.

Communication is they key when teaching. Tell auditory learners how. Show visual learners how.
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