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Re: Ground Fighting
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 I will say that right before I left 7th Group 1/2 of our battalion was canabilized to form the nucleus of what became 3rd group. The core of third group came from 7th group. My team was completely split up and I was so heart broken that I put in an OCS packet and became an officer of all things. I was branched Infantry and ironically was stationed in Hawaii with the 25th Infantry Division. The very place my teacher was already living. That worked out great.

I hope all is well with your brother  :).


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Sifu Pat,

 I thought there might be a chance you knew my brother. But I see you served in 7th Group while my brother served in 3rd and now serves in 10th. When the ground war kicked off I got lucky and served with my brother in northen Iraq, we were attached to 10th Group. It was a shock to see each other there, but somehow it made the situation better. As for me 2/75 was were I started.

Mahalo and RLTW.
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