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Is FIGHT QUEST Missing Something?

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Ron Baker:
Like most everybody, I'm loving Fight Quest.  I've got my DVR set to record every new episode.  I haven't missed on yet.

I've only got one criticism, and it's not that big of a deal:

You know how, in each episode, Jimmy or Doug is has an injury from either striking or being hit?  I think that's a prime opportunity to demonstrate some of the healing arts that have traditionally been a part of some of the arts they feature. 

Whether it's Dit Da Jow or San Huang San or other herbal linaments to treat those injuries, they're important aspects of most martial arts. 

As good as the series is, I know that they can't have everything, so I'm complaining.  Just thought that would have been an interesting feature of the show.


Bruddah Ron

I would guess that is because by name it is Fight Quest, so it should be mostly fighting....though we do get some background and scenes of towns etc...you figure with the 100's of hours shot for each one hour show, it must be very hard to edit everything in...

Well, thats why kaju is so great then,  if it makes the cut people will see us applying dit da jow and rubbing out the poison from jimmys arm after pressure point training, and taking jimmy to one of our kaju brothers for massage therapy/chiropractics after a devestating elbow to the spine, the film crew was at he dr. office and the dr. said without it he probably wouldnt have been able to function the next day. kaju can hurt you or heal you.  ;)

Chiropractic right Prof Ron?   ;D

good thing I teach better than I spell... guess thats why Im not sitting in an office somewhere  ;D


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