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Is FIGHT QUEST Missing Something?

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Me either.....yet

Patrick Campbell:
Good idea, but there would not be enough time or interest in my opinion. Perhaps it would be better to have a special on the subject or something. The program is afterall called "fight quest" not "heal quest."



Sifu Pat

--- Quote from: backfist on January 29, 2008, 08:17:13 AM ---Like most everybody, I'm loving Fight Quest.  I've got my DVR set to record every new episode.  I haven't missed on yet.

I've only got one criticism, and it's not that big of a deal:

You know how, in each episode, Jimmy or Doug is has an injury from either striking or being hit?  I think that's a prime opportunity to demonstrate some of the healing arts that have traditionally been a part of some of the arts they feature. 

Whether it's Dit Da Jow or San Huang San or other herbal linaments to treat those injuries, they're important aspects of most martial arts. 

As good as the series is, I know that they can't have everything, so I'm complaining.  Just thought that would have been an interesting feature of the show.


Bruddah Ron

--- End quote ---

Sifu Pat I stated basically the same thing a few lines above...maybe they will make another show based on all the film....it would be nice to see all the actual from from the Kaju show....

Ron Baker:

--- Quote from: KajuJKDFighter on January 29, 2008, 10:50:53 AM ---I would guess that is because by name it is Fight Quest, so it should be mostly fighting....though we do get some background and scenes of towns etc...you figure with the 100's of hours shot for each one hour show, it must be very hard to edit everything in...

--- End quote ---
Yeah, I suppose time wouldn't allow for every aspect of every style.   

I should also say that I wasn't trying to be critical of anyone's efforts in the making of the series.  If I offended anyone, please accept my apologies. 

My entire ohana watches every episode and we're lovin' it.

We allow alot of grappling, but it is with strikes and since my school does alot of multiple fighter training and team fights, they know the value of standing back up to protect themselves and the others fighting on their side......GT

 We use Dit Dat also, I am using a batch I made in '94......sweet one...


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