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Here is a link i found to a place where you can buy kits and pre-made stuff.

I have used some of their pre-made dit da jow and can vouch for it.

I had planter fasciitis for months and could hardly walk on it nothing worked and after using there "Tiger exits the forest" two days later the pain was gone and hasn't returned.

My friend had the same problem i gave him a little jow and it worked for him as well.

It's worth a try.

I have used their stuff as well.  The person who runs the company, Dale Dugas, is very friendly and will answer your questions about what jow you need for your training.  He has jows that are good for makiwara training and arm conditioning and then more general injury jows as well.  Just tell him your need and he will tell you which one to get.

They also sell the herb kits that you mix yourself at home.

Sorry to quote myself....

The "Tiger Exits the Forest" is a good jow for tendon and ligament stuff and also for shin/forearm conditioning.

Stone Dragon is good for iron palm and makiwara training.
Kevin A. Hirakis
SW Michigan