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Gm. S. George Pesare's Summer Beach Camp
« on: September 02, 2003, 03:24:44 PM »
Hey to all! Hope everyone had a great finish to the summer. I had a very hectic August and was away from the "Cafe" a bit but it's good to be back. Shihan Kathy and I put on our yearly Karate Camp for the students in August which required much preparation but this post is not about that. It is about the Summer Beach Camp we were invited to sponsored by Gm. S. George Pesare and his Black Belts where a large sum of money was donated to various charities for children. All I can say in these days and times it was very refreshing to see someone who cares more about what's in someone's heart than in their wallets. We've had many discussions on this forum about schools who charge up to $275 a month and let's be real, they could give a heck about their students and only view their training as a business negotiation. Gm. Pesare's students are trained in the good old family values that are missing in today's martial arts-Love, Honor & Trust. I was reminded at that camp that testing is not always about punching and kicking but comes in many different forms. I felt a kinship and camardarie that is almost nonexistant on the east coast and probably elsewhere. You're just not enrolled in a karate school but you become a member of a closely knit family where everyone contributes to help one another. Sure, over the years there have been some betrayals, this will happen in any family, no matter how strong it is but just being in the same company of his students that made their black belts under him dating back to the 60's has to tell you something about this man. Some may misinterpret his meanings at times, I have myself, but in the end there is as they say, 'a method to his madness' and everything is done to serve a purpose for the good of his students and the continuation of the Institute. Don't get me wrong, I know there are others out there who do the same good but they are far and few between and are facing extinction as we move into the 21st century. I just feel sorry when that happens for those who will never know and experience what the martial arts are really all about. Hopefully, in the end, Mr. Pesare's legacy will live on, prosper and flourish by those he has chosen to carry on his tradition, his values. It's really hard to explain this, it's something one has to experience to feel it and know what I mean. Those who have been blessed to study under similiar men know exactly what I'm saying. That's the purpose of this post. Let's hear from others who share this experience with their instructor so that we may give credit to those who are more interested in what's in your heart than in your wallet-a True Grandmaster not a paper tiger or 10th Degree businessman. ;)   Respectfully submitted, Shihan Joe Shuras :)
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