Author Topic: Banning Children from Martial Arts  (Read 19526 times)

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Re: Banning Children from Martial Arts
« Reply #15 on: June 17, 2008, 03:41:02 PM »
With that being said, I try not to be the preverbial hover parent. My kids come home with scraped knees, sunburns and stories of great victory over the imaginary enemies of the neighborhood. Letting them train in Kajukenbo helps me to feel a little better about turning them loose in the big bad world.

I'm with you.  I think the trouble is that many don't believe in individual self-protection, or at least that their kid will be ata a disadvantage physically and socially without this training.  Also, another force at play is that a portion of society (the frail elite) is safer without physical violence.  They're right to fear violent crime, but they seem to think that exposure to martial arts develops violent individuals.    That sort of logic should lead to the ban of all kitchen knives and potentially-lethal prescription drugs.  The truth is that martial arts training can develop individuals with skills for physical violence, but the yield is low.  A better presentation is to state that learning self-defense makes an individual safer when the time comes to need physical violence, just as basic knife safety instruction allows us to keep knives in the kitchen. 

The common argument is that martial arts training is specific to hurting another individuals.  Why should we deny the reality?  Instead, we need to come up with a reason to justify why we need to know this.  I think better analogies are made to sex education.  Instead of unsuccessfully teaching abstinence-from-violence, we should acknowledge that it is inevitable given our nature and that everyone should know how to use it properly.  This has been the mantra in martial arts education from the state.  Why is this complicated to a portion of society?

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Re: Banning Children from Martial Arts
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+1 Well said sir.

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Re: Banning Children from Martial Arts
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Kids will be kids. They will look for an outlet for the hormones, the over abundance of energy, and the instinct to be top dog.

We can guide them or let them find out the hard way what works and what doesn't

I teach my kids to box, kickbox, grapple, and stickfight. They know what to do if little johnny takes a swing, or tries to, or is succesful in taking them down and puts them in a headlock or whateva.

The ole take em to the ground and make em quit is a more common threat, kid on kid than a punch or weapon attack.

Kids swing, lock up and then make it hurt till the other kid quits... Been like that forever and still is the norm. If they are playing the gang game then that is a whole other topic.

If someone walks into my school and tells me not to teach kids because it will make them too violent.. I will let them watch a class, then talk to the kids, and realize that their confidence alone, is a very strong deterrent to violence.

Kids hear and see everything we do. They can do alot more than they get credit for.

I believe it is up to the parents to raise the kids... But we have much more influence than you think on how those kids turn out. God bless the little ones, and it is our job to make them ready to take over for us when the time comes.

"Each one Teach one".......... Step up to the plate & get our kids ready for the next step.

Just MHO.

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Re: Banning Children from Martial Arts
« Reply #18 on: July 18, 2008, 03:47:33 PM »
I don't like a "ban"; but a Self-Regulating Organization is probably a good idea.  The more popular MMA becomes, the more it will attract children and the more it will produce unqualified and ill-equipped "instructors" to teach those kids.  Children learning lethal techniques can sometimes be a deadly combination.

Yep, you got it.

Every organization should regulate itself, and maybe some trans-organizational institution like WUKO (World Union of Karate Organizations) could propose regulations to be suscribed by its members.

Parents would naturally choose accredited teachers from recognized institutions and a WUKO seal of approval of the teacher (as compromised to follow certain rules and being inspected from time to time) would take students of from the other institutions that don't follow any regulations.

If the government gets in the middle it will happen the same as always. Some few inept bureaucrats will write the regulations, they will be enforced by other bureaucrats, corruption will appear as friends of those folks sell the licenses, realistic training will be banned for no specific reasons.... you get the idea.

In my country it has been illegal to teach boxing to children since decades ago, and that doesn't help anyone. It just gave sense of power to one lawmaker and a few physicians to promoted the idea.
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Re: Banning Children from Martial Arts
« Reply #19 on: August 03, 2008, 07:22:36 AM »

While not MMA, the kids in our school are required to complete 100% of the same requirements as the adults -- that includes all of the same blocks, punches, kicks, katas, punch counters, grab arts, weapons techniques, ground grappling, rear choke holds (defense), and other techniques not on the syllabus.  This training incorporates the fighting skills described in the articles along with a variety of advanced (kenpo-oriented) techniques.  The kids in our classes, while each having his or her own unique challenges, are an example of how a martial arts program can foster and reinforce basic fighting skills, respect and leadership.  These kids clearly show that there is no pre-determined linkage between absorbing fighting skills and whatever negative outcome there may be from fight training -- in fact, the best of these students are exceptional, taking on responsibilities beyond their years.  For example, we have three brown belts, ages 12/13--while they may not be as well developed as an adult, I am sure these kids have the knowledge, reseponsibility and fighting spirit necessary, even if they are still physciallly underdeveloped relative to an adut at the same level.  There will always be kids put into fight training program who can't handle it, but that should not be allowed to become the excuse to block this type of training for kids who try to get beyond the average.  There are, and always will be, kids who also go WAY beyond the fundamentals and show a level of discipline and commitment that adults would aspire to--I'm sure of that because we have those kids in our program, right now. 

If you watch the Discovery Channel, you've probabaly also see the episode where Thai parents have to put their kids up to fighting as early as the age of five -- and the fight if clearly a do-or-die situation for the whole family.  We are fortunate that our kids don't have to fight, just for the survival of the family  . . .

In regards to a goverment BAN on kids in MMA, or other martial arts: this is simply outrageous.  Sure, the parents and instructors need to stay involved, to make sure no kid gets hurt, but otherwise, there is no difference between this and any other martial arts program.  Let's hope this type of BS doesn't get exported to America . . . but on the htoer hand, this is the UK we're talking about . . .

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Re: Banning Children from Martial Arts
« Reply #20 on: November 25, 2008, 04:34:32 AM »
 Also, another force at play is that a portion of society (the frail elite) is safer without physical violence.
 - Gints Klimanis

indeed the government prefers defenseless subjects.
look at the anti gun movement and ask your self "what if" that kind of logic was applied to your art.
true of not its easy to paint a false picture of the arts.

what can we do to prevent such problems from coming up in the first place.
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Re: Banning Children from Martial Arts
« Reply #21 on: November 25, 2008, 11:20:40 AM »
jadm please post your real name and affiliations as to comply to the Cafe rules, thanks much...
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Re: Banning Children from Martial Arts
« Reply #22 on: February 16, 2009, 01:17:33 PM »
If a ban is impose on this issue, then children will be carrying weapons on them or perhaps go underground into some secret fight club.
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