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« on: June 07, 2008, 09:06:11 PM »
Would it be offensive to ones Sifu if one didn't test when tests come up?
How does one explain to ones Sifu that he has attended all classes nessessary to
test but may want to avoid the test. Understanding the forms and this Martial Art better
might be the the goal, or any other reason one might have of why they didn't want to test.
Not offending ones teacher and his judgement would be of the utmost importance.

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Re: Promotion/Testing
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2008, 12:42:56 AM »
Mr. Kevin,

I'm assuming that this one person is you.  If not, my apologies.  It's not about offending ones Sifu, but what is right when one is still a student and learning.  Put yourself in your teacher's position, would you want your students who attended classes year round to say I don't want to test or just don't show up for testing.  It's the same when you attended school, everyone must test to do graded for what you've learned.  Some get A, B, C, D and F's which one would you want to receive?

As a teacher, I'm proud of all my students.  Testing is a sign of how well your teacher has taught you.  In most cases, your Sifu would invite teachers from other schools, family, and friends.  These are people who care and support your efforts.  Think of it as your time to show off your knowledge and skills.  If you want to remember one thing about being a Martial Artist, "It's not the Martial Art that makes you, It's you who makes the Martial Art." :)

Hope this helps!  Take care and do what is right.

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Re: Promotion/Testing
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2008, 02:09:57 AM »
You know, there are probably some people who will tell you that your a customer, and the customer is always right.  So you should be able to put off testing until your comfortable with the idea.  In fact I know of one high ranking kenpo instructor who insists on referring to his students as "clients", because he considers himself a professional businessman.     
But in most Kajukenbo schools there's a much closer relationship then a business owner/customer relationship.  In a traditional martial arts student/teacher relationship, the student trusts the instructor to know what is best for his training and advancement.  You should trust that he/she knows when the right time for you to test is.  You may not think your ready to test, but who is better qualified to know that?  You or your instructor? 
Even if you think that there's no way your ready.  Your instructor may think that this challenge is good for your improvement in the art, and may be a needed confidence builder.  Your instructor has faith in you.  Have faith in him. 
Also, you should be comfortable in always being able to discuss these types of concerns with him/her.
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Re: Promotion/Testing
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If the student has a question or concern about the test they should tell me so we can deal with it, but not testing when asked at my school isn't something that I would like to see.  I want to see the progression they have made and on a test with the stress of the test you get to really see what they have learned and can do well....
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