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GM Loren Obituary
« on: June 18, 2008, 11:57:07 PM »
GM Jon Anthony Loren
January 31, 1944- June 14, 2008

Sadly, Jon Anthony Loren passed away after a brief battle with Lymphoma/Leukemia, at home surrounded by a close group of long time friends and family.

Jon grew up in Longview and graduated from R.A. Long high school in 1964. He attended the University of Washington and studied Marine Biology.

Jon served in the Coast Guard. He spent time on the ice breaker ‘North Wind’, as well as in the South Pacific, including Viet Nam, where he received among other awards, the Purple Heart. He was very proud of his military service, and had many great stories about his numerous close calls, some funny, some scary, some just plain incredible, but all entertaining.

Jon was a remarkable individual, one who lived ten lifetimes in one. He was a master rock mason (and a member of the Masons), his rock work often caused people to stop and stare then comment on the quality and artistry, for his stonework was truly astounding.  He graduated from Deep Sea Diving School and worked in that field for some time. He was a professional bear guide in Alaska for a couple of years. He was a commercial fisherman, and built his own boat from a hull. He built homes and suspension bridges, one of which outlasted one of the counties steel and concrete bridges; this is the Loren bridge on Kalama River road. He was a master hunter (with rifle or long bow) having many deer, elk, bear, antelope, and even wild boar to his credit. He was a superb fisherman, often soundly out-fishing his many fishing companions.  All who were lucky enough to hunt or fish with him had their skill levels and knowledge increased, as well as having a great time. He was a renowned tracker, and was called upon to help many hunters find wounded animals. He was chairman of Tum Pai Herbs and Flower Essence International, and a board member of the International Medicinal Vibrational Herbal/Flower Essence Research Association. He had several patented formulas with which he had great success healing people. He was a senior master Herbalist and treated many individuals, often for free, and occasionally at considerable expense. He was an internationally known and respected martial artist. He was founder and head of the Tum Pai branch of Kajukenbo, as well as the head of the Yam Foon Jeet Sow Fut Society. Sijo Emperado, head of Kajukenbo promoted Jon to the level of Grand Master 9th Degree. He was also certified in Tai Chi (a style of martial art) and this he used for the foundation of Tum Pai. He considered the creation of Tum Pai was his proudest and greatest achievement. He taught Tum Pai in New Zealand, and while there, for a period of time lived in a cave for two and a half months training day and night to further his connection with the earth, and to better his Tai Chi skills. He was selected to teach Martial Arts to the Fijian police after an audition, where many previous applicants were soundly defeated (and some severely hurt) in combat, then rejected. He has given seminars across the states (including Hawaii) and in Europe. He didn‚Äôt just touch lives; he transformed them, as well as saving many.  He had this great ability to get people to not just aspire to be better, but to be better than they ever thought they could be. He inspired people through his many shining examples, and his loving and jovial personality.  He taught his many students honesty, patience, perseverance, compassion and humility. He taught his students that success consisted only of getting up one time more than you were knocked down. To strive for perfection, but accept the human condition and to always push forward, never being satisfied with your skill level or knowledge, not just in the martial arts, but in every facet of life.  To be of cheerful countenance, and of a positive mind set. Some of his last words were ‚Äúalways be positive, never be negative‚Äù sage advise for us all! He will be greatly missed and loved by his many friends and students.

He is survived by his loving companion Wiley Van Buren, ex-wife Jan Loren mother of his son Linden Loren who resides in Brookings OR, ex-wife Sandra Rastouski, mother of son‚Äôs Erek Loren who resides in Longview,WA and Nate Loren who resides in Washougal, WA and two grandchildren, Rafe and Cash Loren.  He is also survived by brothers; Ken, Linden, and Arne Loren, one sister Sandra, and his father Lyle Cains. He was preceded in death by his mother Bessie Loren and step-father Ken Loren.

A celebration of Jon’s life will be held on August 9th @ noon at the residence of Wiley Van Buren 36871 Hwy 101 Port Orford, OR.

In lieu of flowers, the Loren Children Memorial Fund has been established for his sons  at the Chetco Federal Credit Union, P.O. Box 3000J Harbor, OR 97415 Phone # 541-469-7700

Cremation was handled by the Redwood Memorial Chapel in Brookings, OR
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