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Does anyone know if there are any Kajukenbo schools in Jacksonville? I started to train with Marino Tiwnak's CHA-3 group in Hawaii but didnt get very far due to being sent back to the mainland by the Army. My cousin Edgar became one of his black belts and I messed around with him awhile, but that was a long time and several car wrecks ago during my law enforcement days. I have always loved Kajukenbo and really want to study the Original method but cant find any school listing for Jacksonville. I have just ordered the complete DVD set to get me started but there's nothing like actual training. Mahalo in advance for any help I can get.

Doug Nesmith

Rob Poelking:
Yes, I do know and the answer is not since I left 2 years ago.

My style is Kai Ling Do out of Blackshear, GA. My teacher is Sifu Lee Tipps who is from San Diego, CA where our style was founded by Sigung Gary Reignhardt.  Our roots come from Ken Ka Kung Fu down through CHA-3 with Sijo Emperado & Xiju Allen Abad as mentors.


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