Author Topic: Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack: Location, Location, Location... HELP!  (Read 5219 times)


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Below is a copy of a message from Crafty Dog (Marc Denny).  The original location that was suppost to be used for the "Gathering of the Pack", is no longer available for use.
I have been speaking with Crafty, and thought it wouldn't hurt to post on the cafe a special request.  It would be great if one of the LA Kajukenbo schools had a location that a Public Gathering of the Pack could be held on August 10th, 2008.

Quote from DB's public forum:  
"Woof All:

In today's episode of "As the Stick Twirls" we learned that we do not have a place for the Gathering yet.      Any ideas, suggestions, offers?

The Adventure continues!
Crafty Dog"

The Dog Brothers have a few Kajukenbo Warriors amoung the pack, Sled Dog (GM Gelinas), Baltic Dog (Gints Kilimanis) and Dog Dean (me) just to name the ones I am sure of.


Posted with GM Harpers blessing and the permission of Guro Crafy (Marc Denny)

For more info:

I will be fighting at this Gathering of the Pack also.  (My third Gathering)


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Sifu Dean,

I assume you want a CA location, correct?  I could help, but not in CA.
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Correct.  Thanks Jason, I could do it here on base also.  The problem is that several people are flying in from overseas and into LAX, have rooms booked, etc. 

This needs to be an LA location or close to... 

Again, Mahalo & Aloha Brother,
Dean 8)

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Wish I could go.  Would love to watch and learn.
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