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Hey all, I'm Arden.  I attended a Kajukenbo school in Oregon back in High School, and now I'm in Minneapolis for college.  I'd really like to continue my training if that's possible.  Does anyone know if there are any schools or instructors in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area?

Brandi Ross:
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Also, I don't think there are any in the Twin Cities area, but I'm probably wrong.

It would probably help out if you stated the branch of Kajukenbo you trained under (assuming you're looking to get back into exactly the same thing). I don't know where in Oregon you were from, but the Portland area seems to be mostly filled with Tum Pai practitioners, with very few Original Method to be found.

Oh, sorry. I trained in Gaylord Method, so yeah, I'd like to get back into that if possible. I'm open to trying another, however.

Todd Reiner:
I am 2 hours north of the metro area.  I teach early evenings original method.  If interested in training from time to time PM me and I can give you more details.


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