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Rob Poelking:
I'm not exactly comfortable with this topic but the idea did not orginate with me. It was suggested by a certain 8th degree. I won't name anyone but that does narrow the list quite a bit :).

It has been suggested that I accept donations for the support and administration of the forum. First of all I will tell you that right now it does not cost an arm an a leg to run this. Hosting is $15 per month and domain registration is about $35 per year. That's what it costs me today. I do fund this personally out of my love and devotion to the Kajukenbo community.

I do have ideas and plans for expansion (all in my spare time... :-X). Some of those ideas will probably cost more. Ideally I would like to be running my own server but AllTel wants to charge me $130 a month for a static IP. I won't pay it! I know there are better ISPs offering that for $50 a month. I'll wait.

Anyway, it would be very easy for me to put up a PayPal link to accept donations. There would be no set amount. Each individual can decide what they want to do. Sigung Bishop suggested selling Shirts, caps, etc for the forum. Great idea, I'd love to do that...takes $$$ though. Donations could be used to kick that off.

This forum is and will remain FREE.

So would you be willing to donate for the support of this forum?

I see not why we can't donate to the cause. we use this site for important and valuable insight and information. Count me in. Will that 9th degree be one of the first.

Rob Poelking:
Ooops. Correction. It was an 8th degree who suggested this. I was trying to promote him early. Yeah..ok Sijo Rob...ugh. Sorry.

I'll donate, and I would like to see my rank increased to at least a purple belt ;)

Just let us all know the Paypal account name

I agree with Bad Sifu - Since it would be inapprioperate to endeavor to buy real rank, could we at least be forum purple or blue belts if we donate?  HEE HEE.  I have a lot of hot air but not enough to post 500 things on this site! -Mell


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