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Hello All,..

Ahhhh, yes like Matt, "Ricky" from Only Skin Deep in Vallejo says, "it hurts so good"!  After receiving my first Tiger w/ yin/yang tattoo on my right calf a year ago (thanks to Prof. Powell and Tom Welsh!) I just knew it wouldn't be the last.

So,...yesterday we finished it up with a Kaj wreath around the Tiger.  Then thought "what the heck", might as well get the left calf done too and balance it all out! A few hours later, I had the black/red Kaj clover with Sprit Mind Body symbols inside--and KAJUKENBO underneath completed!  Also a personal gift to memorialize my Black Belt achievment.  It's totally awesome and I am so very proud that Prof. Powell and son Matt have been there to encourage and support all of the efforts both in the studio and in home life.

For anyone in & around the Bay Area, Ricky has started a Kajukenbo art work file!

Brother Al, I'd like to send you a couple of pics next week when it heals to post here if you don't mind??!   PS: We really miss you!

Staf Safe all,....

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Re: Tatoos
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I'm not really into tattoos (don't have any yet), but this looks great! I love the lettering. I think I am going to get my first (kaju related of course) when I get my black belt.
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