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Woof All:

The production company is busy at the moment launching another show, so with the holidays and all that I feel safe in saying that we have until late January for the Resume/Demo Reels.  What follows is a rewrite of the "invitation to application".  There are some important changes in it, so please read it carefully.  Please spread it around suitable locations on the internet and elsewhere.


Woof All:

My name is Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny.  Some of you may know me as "the Guiding Force" of "the Dog Brothers" and/or the Head Instructor of Dog Brothers Martial Arts. .  Today I speak as Dog Brothers Inc.

I have been asked by a well established Producer with a good track record in doing athletically-oriented television series for major networks to help develop a television show based upon stick and other weaponry fights, so I am looking for fighters.  For the right men, this could be a very special opportunity to build a career doing something you love-- or it may simply be an opportunity for an exciting chapter in your Life to be all that you can be.

I need to be vague on the vision for the show at the moment and how much money is involved.  That is the way it must be for now, but know that I have spoken clearly with the producers with regard to the fighters being properly taken care of both financially and in terms of the rules and believe that they have the correct mindset in this regard. 

Once we see who we have, "the story will tell itself"(tm) and we will know which of visions we have for the show will be the right one, and it is then that you will have a chance to decide if it is right for you.  In other words, by applying now you are not committing yourself if the final concept turns out later to be not right for you.

Although much of the fighting will be similar to our "Dog Brother Real Contact Stickfighting" (see the fight clips at to get an idea) know that the fighting here will be , , , well, it will be
something that has never been seen before.  This does NOT mean it will be more dangerous or more painful than Dog Brothers fighting.  I am quite conscious that the Dog Brothers code of "One rule only: Be friends at the end of the day" may not be reliable in this context and have ideas about how to go about things so that we do not unduly risk the fighters.  Dog Brothers Real Contact Stickfighting is quite dangerous enough as it is!

As I write this in mid-December 2008, we are looking at a time frame of months before we begin shooting.

Those selected first will be part of the pilot and the rest will be brought on stream as things move forward.   IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE CONSIDERED FOR BECOMING A PART OF THIS, well, 90% of Life is showing up.  We need to see the following
from you:

1) a one page RESUME.  The resume should include the following:
    a) age, height, weight, citizenship, languages, website/mypage/etc. if any,
    b) martial arts background: systems, styles, teachers, fighting experience, competitive athletic background etc.
    c) contact info

2) Photos: 
   a) Head Shot
   b) Full Body shot, withor without shirt.  Not to worry if you are not body beautiful.

3) DEMO REEL:   This is your chance to show us what you can do.  Here are some suggestions:

a) Fight the camera with your weapon(s) of choice
b) Traditional martial arts movements/forms/etc
c) Demonstrate on an "opponent"
d) Fight footage if you have any.   We understand that you might not have access to your fight footage.  Please state briefly, clearly, and HONESTLY what your fight experience is-- no puffery please.  Remember, the BS that gets you in the door also gets you out of the door.  If you have fought at a Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack, please list which Gatherings in which you fought.  IT WILL BE VERY HELPFUL IS YOU CAN DESCRIBE WHAT YOU WORE SO WE CAN FIND YOUR FIGHTS MORE READILY. 

these are the possible areas of interest to us.

   a) Double stick
   b) Single stick
   c) Staff
   d) knife
   e) emptyhand skills: MMA or otherwise
   f) gun skills (pistol, rifle, or paintball)
   g) other (e.g. sword and shield, whip, nunchaku, fencing, etc)
   h) footage that indicates your athleticism, your strength and
conditioning level, etc..

Total running time of this material should be no more than FOUR MINUTES and for most people will be quite a bit less than that.

4) PERSONALITY SECTION.  This section is optional.  Maximum time: Two minutes.  Note that a good one minute is better than two minutes of chatter.  Please simply talk to the camera about why you do what you do, where you could picture something like this fitting in your life, and so forth.  JUST BE YOURSELF.  Conventional and off-beat are good, so too are funny and serious, and crude and cosmic!   JUST BE YOURSELF!

Please send your resume and Demo Reel/Disc to

Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny
Attention: TV Project
703 Pier Ave #664
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

And of course, the submissions and the contents thereof become the property of Dog Brothers Inc.!

To stay abreast of things "the thread of record" is the one on our public forum at:

The Adventure begins!
Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny
Dog Brothers Inc.

Posted respectfully,
C-Kaju Dog
Sifu Dean