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Bryan Davies:
726 So. 356th Street.
Federal Way , Wa. 98033

20 years same location.
Professor Bryan Davies.
Master law enforcement instructor.
Covering all uses of force, civilian and law enforcement.

A very no nonsence school with loyal students. A school with a lot of self defense, came under the tottering of Professor Joe Clark. A strong influence in law inforsement, kenpo and weapons, old school with new concepts and revaluation.

Bryan Davies:
Here is some information about the school.


Doug Martin:
I just joined this school on June 18, 2012. And am brand new to martial arts. Professor Davies is an excellent instructor, as are his other black belts. I enjoy training here. Very patient with new members. I feel blessed to have found this school. And it's only four miles from my home.

Doug, you can't go wrong there, success to your future in kajukenbo, you joined a great school.


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