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Re: Opposing Husbands
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All of us have this "dilemna" I believe. Had one lady who was fairly good, and every time her husband would show up he had a big frown on his face and kept shaking his head. I would alway invite him to join the class...hah! Then when it was time for her to test for yellow, she showed up 20 minutes late. Her excuse: "my husband got lost on the way here." Yeah, right! Haven't seen her esince! Oh, well...
Mostly, wives and husbands here are supportive, as long as I remind them of their family obligations! 'Ohana is not just in the training hall!!!

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Re: Opposing Husbands
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When I first got back into training, my wife was rather un-happy about it. I would come home bruised and beat up. but after we talked about it and I pointed out that I love to train in the martial arts and hadnt been due to my job for over 8 years she started to come around. She didnt like my instructor at all, which it turns out I should have listened to her on, but I have since started training with a master and she doesnt give me to much grief. the important part is to talk to eachother, no marriage/relationship can survive without communication.

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