Author Topic: Kajukenbo Pride at Ohana Celebration  (Read 1859 times)

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Kajukenbo Pride at Ohana Celebration
« on: March 15, 2009, 10:01:06 AM »
What a great week aboard the Carnival Paradise at the Lim Kenpo 5th Annual Ohana Celebration! We were treated to the company of many Kajukenbo instructors! Spending time with Ohana is always fun - lots of love, laughter, stories and on this trip, food. We visited Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico.  It's great to be out of the dojo and seeing each other in "real" clothes. But the true highlight of the trip was the training, which occurred on our day at sea.

The day started off a little gloomy and the seas were a bit rough but as the day progressed the sun and the material warmed our hearts and bodies. What a choice opportunity to work with Grandmaster Dechi Emperado, Grandmaster Vince Black, Grandmaster Harry Herrera, Sigung Henry Aiau Koa and Sigung Kailani Koa. Meeting with friends and training partners like Sigung Jack Wimbish, Sifu Coree Foster, Sifu Medhi Hakik, Sifu Brent Dean and their students and families was amazing! It was truly an honor and privilege to learn from all of them, hear their stories and soak in their Kajukenbo spirit.

At that time we booked this trip, the economy made things tight and that surely continues for all of us. It required sacrifice and planning but we felt certain that doing so for the positive things in our lives would be worth it. And of course it was! The memories and experiences are truly priceless and ones we will cherish forever! A very special thank you to all who made the same sacrifices to be on the cruise and to those who made this trip possible, especially Professor George and Sigung Patrice Lim ... you are all forever in our hearts!

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Re: Kajukenbo Pride at Ohana Celebration
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2009, 12:37:49 AM »

Mahalo! Mahalo! to Prof. George & SiGung Patrice Lim and their Lim's Kempo Ohana.
For having me and my brother Aiau & Lisa celebrate your wedding anniversary and
being a part of your Ohana.  It was a Blessing for the first time ever on the Carnival
Paradise boat cruise.  The food was so Ausome!!! as you know we ate, and ate, and ate,
till we was tired.  We had a good seminar too, on the cruise even so it was cold to us
Hawaiian's, but we survived!  Thank-You for being who you folks are, and many more
to celebrate.

With Much Love & Aloha,
Malama Pono & A Hui Hou!
Sista Kailani Koa
GM Bradda Abe Kamahoahoa Kajukenbo
SiGung Kailani Koa